International Documentaries
This year’s Madrid Art Film Festival International Documentary program demonstrates that documentaries continue to be the New Black of the cinematic world.
Sounds on Screen
A celebration of the way films about music and musicians make for some of the most compelling cinema created.
Short Films
Chosen from thousands of submissions, this selection includes award-winners, films competing at Top festivals and some of the most compelling pieces of bite-sized cinema you’ll see all year.
Short animated gems from all around the world.



Sept 29, 2017


8:00 pm

Father (Canada)

Nomeolvides (Spain)

Mad Love / Je t´aime à la folie (France)

It´s alright (Norway)

Offlimits (USA)


9:30 pm

1 Corinthians 13 (USA)

Stolen (USA)

Tuck me in (Spain)

New Age Olde English (USA)

The Schoolboy (UK)

You see me (Austria)



Hello Hello Hello: Lee Ranaldo: Electric Trim (USA)







Sept 30, 2017


8:00 pm

Invisible Barriers (UK)

State of rest and motion (USA)

Krump (Germany)

Pray (Switzerland)

Structures of Nature (Germany)

The Shark in the Park (Germany)

My little teddy (Spain)

A way to go / Una forma de partir (Canada)


9:30 pm

Promises Halimo can´t keep (Spain)

Aberne (USA)

A Journey (USA)

Bienvenidos (Spain)


10:30 pm

Tooth Fairy (UK)

To police (USA)

La politesse des agnes (France)

Elephants (USA)








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