Madrid Film and Human Rights Festival

The FCM-PNR is organized by the New Filmmakers Platform,

a national non-profit association founded in 1987 by professionals in the field of directing, producing and technical specialties of short and feature films, which has been working for the exhibition for 30 years. , distribution and communication with the general public of the works of related professionals.

PNR was created to create a public space for new and emerging professionals to work, to show and promote their short films, and as a platform for their first feature films. To this end, it has cooperation agreements on issues related to exhibitions, audiovisual regulations and training with public and private organizations such as the Spanish Film Library, Cinema Library, ICAA, Madrid Community, Madrid City Council, Film Academy, SGAE and the SGAE Foundation, EGEDA , associations of the audiovisual sector and others.

The Madrid Film and Human Rights Festival returns to Miami to present a selection of the most representative films this weekend.

For the third year in a row, the Koubek Center of Miami Dade College and Miami Spanish Cultural Center will feature a sample of the seventh season of the Madrid event, which will take place at the Koubek Center on Friday and Saturday. , 24 and 25 June, at 20:00

All entries will be subtitled in Spanish and/or English.

The festival, in its seventh edition, is a kind of showcase of independent cinema dedicated to the issues included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the same time, his selection criteria are a response to the threat to human rights due to the rise of authoritarian political tendencies in recent years.

This year’s edition will feature 10 films from a dozen countries, notables from Garbage, Breathe, Peur Bleu and Casa, as well as the documentary Covid Nurse (USA).

Topics range from organ trafficking and artificial intelligence to bullying, including topics related to the LGBT community and the heroic work of nurses in the early days of the pandemic.

“We are very proud to use our platform to shed light and draw attention to some of the human rights issues that we face around the world today, such as organ trafficking, intimidation or discrimination against the LGBT community,” Melissa Messoulam , director Kubek, told the Nuevo Herald.

Maite de la Torre of the Miami Spanish Cultural Center once again expressed her satisfaction with the celebration of the occasion.

“I think it’s important that cultural organizations like ours devote time and effort to promoting something as important as the universal human rights that we all have, and which even today are being systematically violated in many countries,” De la Torre added. . .